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So I'm in the mood to make some lock screens! These are all the ones I'm made so far.

If you would like to request a lock screen comment below!

Please comment with 1) who you want in the lock screen 2) what type of pictures (smiling, sexy, aegyo) 3) what color(s) for the background

I will make a card and post all the lock screen request in one card when they are done!

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i wish I could set like all of these at once lol! can I request SugaKookie all different kinds of pictures (cute, sexy, funny) can I have a light purple background, THANK YOU!
I just want to let you guys know I should have the first batch of lock screens posted by tomorrow night!
can you add me to your tag list? thank you!!!
lee soo hyuk and leo sexy/smiling mint green/ teal
Update! I will not have the lock screens done tonight. Nothing has gone as planned the past two days