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History and current events can tell us that humans basically suck at getting along and end up killing one another over things like power and ego...cough* cough* proving that "our idea are right and yours is wrong." People try to control people through emotional munipliation, that is the reality we live in unfortunately. "Maybe someone will save us"...or "maybe we should take the initiative ourselves" or "maybe we should do nothing." Sooo many options, man freedom of choice is a really cool thing especially when it is guided by things like fear or hyperemotionlism/irrational ideals...But in all seriousness I suppose fear IS a game changer. You'd be surprised how you would act differently and without clarity when you are terrified. Survival instincts kick in or maybe they don't and you turn into a helpless brick or mindless zombie. Pretty strong reactions all across the spectrum. As far as irrational ideals go, I guess that is subject to personal interpretation as well...just like everything else in life. So I'll end this with something positive and warm because that's just as important as being logical and cold. When you think about the world and humanity it can be pretty depressing. The silver lining is that sometimes we, humanity can really surprise ourselves in good way I mean.

When you least expect it something extraordinary just may occur

. I'm not saying to have these unrealistic or high expectations and hope for the impossible BUT don't let your faith in humanity die either. It may be a bit delusional and contradictory but having hope isn't always a bad thing either. Moderation and balance is key in life. Yin and Yang.