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So I have a confession... ... A man by the stage name of G.Soul killed me. ONE listen to the first 30 SECONDS of his voice had me like.. like... like dat ^^^
He's so amazingly talented and his story had my heart strings writing his name in ink on itself. Think I'm being dramatic? Listen to these. Now.
This is Crazy For You. This is the little price of soulful heaven you need when you wanna live. No lies. Listen and see!
This...................... had me moving. Let's just say that.
ISN'T HE JUST AMAZING?!?!?! Now.. please call an ambulance.. I wasn't lying about the death to all listeners part.
P.s) Idk how the tagging works here but if someone would kindly explain it to me so I understand I would be so grateful. Thanks! ^^
I recommend his debut album coming home if you have the chance @Cachet18
@stevieq what do you think??
BRUH I'm gsoul trash since idek when he's life 😍😭👏🏾
I'm officially going to start listening to him .. But for some reason he kinda sounds like MJ to me ..
You get used to it@Cachet18
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