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With a comeback date set, Shinhwa is now beginning to tease its fans with photos. On May 2, Shinhwa Company revealed a photo on its official Facebook page, saying, “This is the scene from the music video filming for Shinhwa’s 11th album title song that is continuing into the early morning. We will show you at least the silhouettes of the slightly unconventional choreography - no, the greatest choreography and wardrobe ever.” The photo showed the six silhouettes of the Shinhwa members, standing confidently, surrounded by back dancers on a bright set. The photo has been stirring up a lot of excitement, making fans wonder what the ‘greatest’ choreography will be like. Shinhwa is set to return to the spotlight on May 16 with its 11th official album. Photo Credit: Shinhwa Company [Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved] [all rights reserved to MWAVE as well.]