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Because come on who doesn't want to be with this man. He's so loving and I'm sure he is an amazing boyfriend and one of your best friends.
SugaKookie The cutest name of a ship ever right? You have the cute squishy maknae (youngest) with the incredibly serious hyung (older brother said by male). Suga is protective of his giant little one and the reverse height difference makes this so cute. He also knows how to have fun with him and be cute when the other isn't paying attention.
NamGi Can we say power couple! Talk about sexy I mean look at the picture above. Both incredibly talented and they have swag to the max. They do so much for each other though sometimes they even bicker. But at the end of the day as long as they can nap together their fine.
SuMin I feel like the first picture describes most of their relationship. The younger always being obnoxious and bugging Suga. Even though Suga acts like he doesn't like it he secretly enjoys the attention he gets from the younger. He loves his Jimin very much and makes sure to show him.
SuV Hahaha I just now realize what that spells. Anyway I can't think of a good ship name for these two nor do I know what others call it. As you can tell I have a thing for Suga with the maknae line I just think it's so cute.These two would be super affectionate though sometimes Suga might not like it, like when he's trying to nap or work. He would be able to put up with V's strange talk and behavior sometimes just by ignoring it. That doesn't mean he loves him any less though.
This right here is my favorite love triangle. Because Suga loves Kookie, Jimin loves Kookie, and Kookie is stuck between loving both of them. OmO but plot twist the anger towards each other somehow brings Suga and Jimin closer. I think I just started another story here hahaha.
As far as Jin with Suga it's more like brothers who are very annoyed by the younger ones and how loud they can be. With J-hope and Suga......well as loud and rowdy as the younger three are I think Hobi would be more so and Suga wouldn't be able to control him as easily because they are much closer in age. He's more just an obnoxious younger brother to Suga.
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all of them but all time ship is supillow
I'm glad I found this u didn't tag me
I didn't. I thought I did. dang my tag list needs a revision
you know I like Sugakookie Lol and Ive always loved the suga, kookie, and jimin love triangle