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This drama gave me the Feels on DramaFever it only have four episodes and it already ended so others who wants to see all the other episodes with eng. sub here's the link: Enjoy...
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hey..tell me abt it 💗💗💗 the main lead is: Name: 陳楚河 / Chen Chu HeEnglish name: Baron ChenNickname: 陳小宝 / Chen Xiao Bao / RiverProfession: ActorBirthdate: 1981-May-09 (age 34) @LunaCordero
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@atiqish96 thank you he is smoking fierce.... he's glare and smile sweet holyiness
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@atiqish96 Yes! while watching i keep thinking he looks like Luhan. Interesting fact -- He's half-Korean & half-Taiwanese
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lol tell me abt it 😻 I hope I could find someone like him in my town.... @LunaCordero
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for real...OMGG really I want him he's so handsome and sexy 😘😘 thanks @cindystran
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