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I'd say if Kenshin and Afro Samurai battled, with Kenshin as Hitokiri Battousai, Kenshin would win, but as a Rurouni, he would lose
@DaiGakuSei I was talking about Rurouni.
Afro is cool and all, but I think Kenshin wins this reguardles. Perhaps wouldn't kill afro, but could incapacitate him for sure making him unfit to fight.
@Shadowrider32 @nberry1620 Afro isn't exactly unequipped to fight, his style of fighting is an incredible thing in and of itself.
not talking trash about Afro by any means @DaiGakuSei he is a bad ass in his own right. But in my own personal opinion, Kenshin has him beat on on experience and uses Hiten Mitsurugi which is a ridiculous style. I just think when it comes to sword play he has most swordsman beat. But I have nothing against Afro.