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17. What was your first impression of each member?
Here we go: Keep in mind that Error MV was the first time I saw VIXX. N: To be honest I thought he'd be a very serious and not funny person. But you know I was going to love him anyway he was. When he turned out the way he was I was shocked because he's so serious on stage and those looks he gives could kill a fangirl! Leo: He looks so serious. He's cute though! I also imagined that he'd be the oldest. (But he's not...) Ken: His lips are so thick! I loved Ken's lips and voice. He didn't seem like the serious type at all. I figured he was the groups funny member. Ravi: His rapping is so unique. To be honest when I found out Ravi's name was Ravi it was the easiest to remember (well other than N.) Why? Well because I watched an anime with a character named Lavi, and sometimes people would call him Ravi instead since the L/R's are sort of interchangeable. So I sort of thought Ravi from VIXX would be like Lavi from that anime. Which I mean they aren't that different. They are both funny. Now I don't think they are too much alike at all! Hongbin: His voice was so deep! I thought he was the youngest though... Until I saw Hyuk. At first I wasn't really satisfied with his lines but he's gotten more since then! Hyuk: I thought little Hyukkie was adorable! Overall I thought they'd be a more serious group. But I'm glad they are the way they are! VIXX is dorky and adorable and I love them!
18. Which reality TV show of theirs do you like most? I liked them on their MyDol and MTV diary show because it showed us what they were really like!