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yeah Saitama has only been shown to be able to defeat a handful of heroes out there right now mostly in anime and some in western comics but haven't went deep into Marvel or DC
Yup! I honestly look at some anime characters and still don't think he can beat some of them due to speed! If they're faster than light then I don't see how he can punch them! Hopefully they'll focus some more on Saitama's speed in season 2!
ok when we are talking about speed Saitama is even faster than light it got showed in the webtoon, the manga is not there yet but its close so the anime watchers will see is speed can't be measured in season 2, hopefully
Is the Web toon what the manga is based off of?
yes, because the webtoon is so poorly drawn by the creator馃槶馃槶馃槶 someone wanted redraw it as a manga (lol the only way it could've been adapted into an anime 馃槶)