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Sans vs Gildarts
So hopefully we're all familiar with these characters, (if not, everyone who isn't should start playing Undertale and watching Fairy Tail), I wonder which of these two power houses would win in a confrontation. First we have Sans, one of two skeleton brothers we confront while playing Undertale. Clearly the lazier and perceptivly weaker of the two... only he isn't. If you killed his brother, (how could you!?), you see just what Sans can really do. I'm gonna stop myself there because I don't want to ruin too much of this character for potential newcomers to the game. Second is Gildarts, arguably the strongest wizard amongst all of the guild wizards. His Crash Magic is unique in the sense that he's seemingly the only one who uses it, or even has the capacity to. When pushed to the edge he's shown that not only will he win, but he'll remind you of why he's beating you down in the first place. Just like with Sans, I don't want to ruin too much of this character for potential newcomers to the show. So to everyone who knows both of these characters, who do you think would win a confrontation? I'm personally going to say Gildarts just because of his Deconstruction.
gildarts would win all day
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really why would that question be asked of course gildarts will win
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@KeeganMayfield ah yes I see... Now tell me, why you think that. Why would Gildarts win, in your opinion?
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@Namrow Crash Magic trumps bones or Gaster Blaster.. it's simply be a matter of time until Sans gets exhausted.
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