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Def Saiyan
@TristanBlackmon Only Goku and Vegeta could make it to Godly forms. And they require a tail to go ape.
In order, Wizard because the females in Fairy Tail are sexy as fuck, Ninja cause why not, and Saiyan cause it'd be cool.
That's not exactly true. there was a super saiyan god before goku and vegeta. they r just currently the only saiyan gods, that we know of. and it's quite obvious that saiyan need a tail to go ape as that was stated several dozen times thre the dbz series @worldofelites19
@TristanBlackmon When I said that only Goku and Vegeta could go Super Saiyan God, I meant in canon, they were the only ones to ever reach it, not counting the.... less than 1%, I'm guessing of the entire Saiyan race through out history, that the legends are based off of.