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So if you know me, you know that Cross Gene is my #1 group. They are highly talented, but highly underrated. They each bring a different aspect to the group. One thing they all do together, is throw shade at one another. They look pretty innocent right?


Shade you ask? Yes we're talking low-key savagery in the group with no chill. You would think they would be chill, but


That's why they are my favorite. I will leave a few examples as to what I mean by savagery and no-chill ZONE. . .
In this gif set, Shin starts the Savage session with the victim Yongseok. What I think he didn't expect was Seyoungie and Sangmin joining in. . Yeah Shin see what happens when you rile them up? Bet you learned that day not to get my babies involved. Nah don't back down now! You started it. Mine and @MorganElisabeth motto is,

"A group that throws shade together, stays together."

Seyoungie burns them. Yongseok rushed him and in the end, well he suffered from it. Savagery in its entirety, masked by an angelic Face. . . Yongseok did you not learn that Seyoungie likes to be an instigator? Well, now you know; hopefully. That day you could hear Shin, Sangmin, and Yongseok die a little on the inside.

I love him ♡~♡

Moving on.

Here we have my precious UB Sangmin. He tried to be sweet; but with No-chill Cross Gene, that is not possible. The evil (maknae) Yongseok, and Leader decides that is not an acceptable answer. Sangmin suffers from a few slaps and gets shoved away. *LE GASP*

BUT HERE WE HAVE YONGSEOK! How dare you Evil Maknae.

You tried to pull a Sangmin, but it didn't work huh!?
One thing though is that they all feed off each other's personality. They compliment one another, which makes me love them more.
Sangmin, the mood-maker, dances to girl group songs. He is eventually joined by E.CO from JJCC. Cross Gene gets so hyped up from them it's fantastic.


Yongseok. . .
Sangmin attempting to do Casper's lines in English, Yongseok finds this hilariously funny.
Expectation Vs. Reality.
@jiggzy19 ME TOO!!! ♡♡♡
LOVE LOVE LOVE CROSS GENE!!!!! <3 <3 <3 *\(^o^)/*
@stevieq since you were asking about them today
@MattK95 YES!! I did a card on them yesterday!! I'm so excited!!
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