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So I'm sure you guys can relate.......so I listen to Korean music all the time and my mother likes a lot of the songs too so we listen to it all the time. Well since forever I've showed her different groups and showed her which group songs what etc.........why? Oh because to my mother Every single person is in BigBang I mean everyone! Some prime examples here *me telling her about Exo coming to dallas* Me: guess who's coming to Dallas?!!!??? Mom: Who? Me: I'll give you a hint they since cal me baby and they consist of Chanyeol my beautiful love and Xiumi and Suho and Baekhyun Mom: Bigbangs coming? Me: *face palms* no no mother Exo is coming Mom: Oh! Okay don't they sing bang bang bang Me:.............. Mom:what Me:...........that's BigBang Mom: oh okay so weren't Exo the ones you saw in October? and top was there Me:............that was BigBang Example 2 **listening to the radio and 뱁새 comes on for the first time and I nearly die*** Me: yasss! My Jam is on!!!!!*proceeds to Jam out** Mom: I really like this song , is this Bigbangs new song Me:..............…........Um............this is Bts Mom: oh i thought it was BigBang ......isn't this there old song though Me:.*considering kicking my mom out the car at this point*😂😂 ...........um no this is Bts , rap monster , Kookie , Suga , Jimin , Jin , jhope Mom: oooh okay got it , I really thought it was BigBang sounds like them Me:..........
Last scenario ***showing my mother Ikons video** Mom: I like this song Me: me too it's my jam Mom: how come I don't see top Me:........what? Mom: isn't this BigBang? Me:*at this point I'm contemplating my whole life**........um .........do you see GDragon ? Mom: isn't that him right there?*proceeds to point at Jinhwan* Me: *at that point I'm beyond offended * no mother that is Jinhwan ! This is ikon! Same agency completely different groups *then proceed to change video to actual BigBang video to school her once again* *6 BigBang videos later* Mom: ohh okay I get it this is BigBang , with top GD and the shirtless wonder(what she calls young Bae lol) Me: yes now you get it. Mom: now play my favorite song *shows her the video for basterdz song all* Mom: these were the ones you saw right? Top died his hair? Me:.................*proceeds to exit room pack bags and move to korea**😂😂😂😂 I seriously can't with my mother any song she hears she either thinks it's BigBang or if she sees pictures of Bts , Exo etc she thinks they are in BigBang .....yeah mom BigBang has a million members

Do you guys share this same problem?

lolzz that was cute and funny tge struggle of a k-pop fan
What radio station do listen to ?
My sis just constantly compares any other group I show her with BigBang lol
ahaha this is fucking hilarious.. mind my language but omfg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ur mom is hilarious
I swear my sister is basically your mom. But my sister is barely gonna turn 7, so I guess its understandable. XD
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