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Time for another round of Would You Rather! :) Long Weekend edition. Hope all the U.S. Vinglers are enjoying (hopefully) having off for MLK day today. I know I am!! It's always nice to get a day off from work for your birthday ;D
I've got another stumper for you guys this week. I'm very interested to see what everyone will say... 馃槃 So here goes!!

Would you rather...

the love of your life had one quality that absolutely INFURIATED and ENRAGED you,


the love of your life subtly annoyed everyone around them, including you?

Comment your answer below! 馃槃馃槃馃槃
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Thanks for enlightening us @MattK95 ^_^ I love it! In France, they call McDonald's "MacDo" :)
Hahaha @ButterflyBlu is that because you would've murdered him?? It's good to see your vicious side once in a while!! XD
Me? A vicious side? Never. Maybe. Ok YES. JEEEZ PEOPLE. Teach your children to eat like humans and not horses. IT'S NOT HARD. Or else I get stuck meeting adults who don't know manners and I'm stuck resisting homicidal urges that Probably Are Not Healthy!
Hahahahaha probably not healthy, but everyone has them sometimes!! Especially when there are ill-behaved children about... 馃槀馃槀馃槀 @ButterflyBlu
@AlloBaber ^_^ lol thanks for always understand me. Haha!