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Time for another round of Would You Rather! :) Long Weekend edition. Hope all the U.S. Vinglers are enjoying (hopefully) having off for MLK day today. I know I am!! It's always nice to get a day off from work for your birthday ;D
I've got another stumper for you guys this week. I'm very interested to see what everyone will say... 馃槃 So here goes!!

Would you rather...

the love of your life had one quality that absolutely INFURIATED and ENRAGED you,


the love of your life subtly annoyed everyone around them, including you?

Comment your answer below! 馃槃馃槃馃槃
one killer infuriating thing which reminds me. I was at the golden arches in chill mode with my large ice vanilla coffee--extra cream, extra vanilla, and 4 splenda...and this kid WAS KILLING ME EATING WITH HIS MOUTH WIDE OPEN hungry hungry hippo style and slopping gross sounds with his miuth. I was ENRAGED. 馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槫
True true I think I have to agree with you guys @Adrienpie and @EasternShell. In every couple I feel like there has to be at least one quality that drives your partner crazy
experienced the second one @Adrienpie so I agree drive me crazy-but it would be a short drive
only drives me crazy. because they are going to drive me crazy anyhow, and if they drive everyone crazy, nobody will want us over, and that would suck
@marshalledgar the child would have died. -_-
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