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I've been in a bit of a "Would You Rather" mood lately, I know! 😁 It's just always so much fun to hear everyone's different responses to hypothetical situations. Especially as they pertain to love – we all have such different perspectives, and I think it's fascinating!! πŸ˜„
It also gives me a chance to exercise my devious side *evil cackle*. Let's see how difficult I can make the choice for you guys this time around! πŸ˜„

Would you rather...

marry a guy with a TON of money who gives you everything you want and treats you really well, but is exceptionally lazy,


marry a guy with absolutely no money, who treats you really well and is extremely hard-working?

Post your answer in the comments! πŸ˜„
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@InPlainSight that was a great song!! I started to get really into it haha and it speaks perfectly on this!!
second one, uz the typing.....really? BACK TO THE POINT! so what if he's poor, we can work our asses off and we'll become stronger as heck
2nd guy. Anytime. -_- I work my butt off and my guy has worked hard with me, even before we were together as a couple. I won't tolerate a man being lazy...because you know he'll be lazy in other areas too and I just won't take it. Nope.
the second guy. for sure.
the second guy cause I can have money and at least he likes to do things and help out I mean am I supposed to do everything for that lazy bum