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My K-Drama Man Crush Monday for the last week (or two) was Park Seo Joon and this week it is Yoon Shi Yoon! I picked him because just seeing gifs of him make me happy, I miss him, and I want more people to witness his beauty and amazing-ness.
(Shout out to @IMNII for tagging me in hers which then reminded me to do this, lol!)
Two of my all-time favorite Korean dramas feature him as male lead:
» Flower Boy Next Door, 2013
» Me Too, Flower, 2011
He's also been in the following:
»The Prime Minister and I, 2014
»King of Baking, Kim Takgu, 2010
»High Kick Through the Roof, 2009
He can go from cutie to sassy in 0.5 seconds.
He has a handful of lines in dramas that make me very emotional like this one or “One person cannot change the world, but you can become the world for someone.”
He has the cutest smile and it makes me so happy to look at. He completes military service on the 29th this month! I hope we see more of him in 2016.
If you've never heard of him or seen him before, add one his dramas to your list this 2016! You will seriously not regret this. ^^
omg that smile at the end SLAYED me!
@KpopGaby @JamiMilsap he's so easy to fall in love with because of how adorable he is!
OMG I love love love Yoon Shi Yoon, so much I named my cat after him....Flower boy next door was my second Kdrama and I just fell in love with his cuteness and I loved the panda hat he looks like a panda to me. Thank you for this card....your awesome
He's just so damn adorable! He can con me out of just about anything with that amazing smile of his. Definitely hope to see more of him this year!
I love him!! He was also really cute in Barefoot Friends! The show started really well, but went downhill about halfway through. It was really disappointing, but Yoon Shi Yoon is so adorable that he makes it worth checking it out 😊💕
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