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Thanks to @tbell2 I have quite a list here! Let's get started!

8. Kei (Akira)

Kei is a very beautiful and strong female character! She always wants to help out and pull her own weight and she doesn't take kaneda's constant hitting on her lol. She also knows how to hold her own against others and she can handle a gun pretty well.

7. Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)

Yoko is another strong and independent female who's one of the three main team Gurren members and she's definitely played a large role in defeating the spiral king. Now I know she dresses skimpy for a 14 year old but that's not the only reason I really like her. She's a badass sniper who cares for her friends and stands up for the helpless! She cares very much for her friends and she's very beautiful as well!

6. Juvia lockser (fairy tail)

Juvia is one of my favorite female makes in fairy tail! She's very loyal and devoted to those she cares about and she's obviously a strong female character that I admire very much! Her magic is pretty awesome and her undying loyalty to her precious gray-sama makes me a little bit jealous! I really appreciate how mashima-sama created a lot of strong female characters in fairy tail!

5. Shirayuki (akagami no shirayuki hime)

Shirayuki is an amazing character! Her desire to become a court herbalist through her own will is very inspiring! She wants to carve her own path in life and doesn't rely on her friendship with zen or abuse it to gain the position. Also I really love her red hair! It makes her unique and very beautiful! I think you can guess I have a thing for red heads lol

4. Haruhi fujioka (Ouran high school host club)

Haruhi is a very kind and beautiful woman! The way she said that being human comes before gender and how the boys could consider her a male was awesome! I think we all need to remember that lesson!

3. Rukia kuchiki (bleach)

I don't understand why so many people hate on rukia! She's kind and strong and does the right thing! I really want ichiruki to happen. She's very beautiful and even more so with her shorter hair! I love rukia so much!

2. Clare (claymore)

Clare is a character I like very very much! She's known as the weakest claymore by everyone else but she never gives up and keeps getting stronger! I admire her tenacity and her willingness to protect those she cares about! I really love her relationship with raki and the other claymores such as Helen, Miria, Deneve, and Jean! My weakness for strong female characters is so strong.

1. Erza scarlet (fairy tail)

Another redhead, what a surprise right? Lol. Erza is my number one favorite female character. Strong, beautiful, and glorious red hair! She's perfect! I'd love her despite her flaws and imperfections! She stands up for those she cares about and fights for everyone in fairy tail and does everything she can to protect her fairy tail family! She is waifu ❤
Haha, I'd love to do this challenge but I'm going to have to pass. *bows* So sorry. I really dislike picking Favorites. (Except my Gintoki. *cough* Just saying.) But I enjoy reading these cards, so thank you for the tag regardless. :D
this is an awesome list!! honestly a bunch of my picks are on here too. Erza is always number one waifu. I'll have to think about my own list.
That is exactly why I can't do this challenge.... far too many to choose from. @PaulChavarria @NikolasSatterwh
@Danse @EmmaJolie thanks guys and you're welcome!
this is why I will not do this list. everyone has there own taste and to other people your list will always be wrong. I'm glad to see someone mentioned rias from dxd. I feel none of these top 8 girl list wouldn't be completed without the author watching dxd, fair tail, freezing etc. but that's just me.
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