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Hey Vingle Nakama! This being the inaugural Manga Monday and all, I wanted to combine what I'm excited for in 2016 for Jump Ahead January with a manga to be excited about. Now technically, Fire Brigade of Flames (or FBF) started in 2015. However, it's still a new manga, with only about 14 chapters as of right now.
The main reason that I'm so stoked for this manga is that it's created by Atsushi Ōkubo, the mangaka responsible for Soul Eater. Soul Eater was an anime that I really loved but a manga that I loved even more - and one I only read recently. So I'm stoked to be able to follow up and see what new story Ōkubo has in store. The premise of the manga is interesting enough - spontaneous human combustion, fire demons and fire demon firefighters. Ōkubo is a talented mangaka and I'm super stoked to see the way this new manga progresses.

What new manga are y'all excited for?

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@CaseyWalker you could try zingbox
@ZacharyStewart that's the app I use! but you still go through mangapanda or mangafox or something when you use it
@InVinsybll yea I used mangapanda when I got on zingbox
@InVinsybll it's not available in the us ><