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Dedicated to my friend Sae, I hope that you guys like my oneshot with Kim Taehyung, it's my second oneshot ever, I plan on bring bm y first one as well as soon as I make a cover. I hope you enjoy "Coffee Spilled" which starts in a coffee shop, with a special waiter. Please enjoy!~ And I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors!~
After a day full of work and drawing you decided to get a delicious and warm cup of coffee to help soothe your worries. Before ordering you noticed something about the waiter who was cleaning the tables..."He strangely looks so familiar...almost like Tae...what am I saying he wouldn't be here..." You went up to order your usually black coffee with only a little of sugar "That will be €1.45 euros, Madam" "Okay, thank you...*looks to his name tag*... Taehyung" "No problem miss"....What in the world...How? What?? How is this guy exactly like Taehyung?? Could it be?? No, never I must be seeing things...yea that's what is happening here...yea. After waiting 10 mins for your black coffee you needed to go to the bathroom but right at the time the waiter Taehyung was giving you your coffee, but due to wrong timing you both bump into each other which caused your *hot* coffee to be spilled onto you. "Oh jeez, I'm really sorry miss! If you want I can pay for washing it.." He said while trying to clean up the stain on your jeans with napkins "I'm fine but please let me go to the bathroom, I appreciate your sincere apology but don't worry, I fine I promise you" you smiled at him noticing he was very similar to Taehyung but he had a certain aura that you really want to know him better. After going to the bathroom and fixing your jeans you decided to ask him if he is really Taehyung from Bangtan... "Umm excuse me, Taehyung" "Oh hey, do you want me to pay for cleaning your jeans? Or do you want another coffee? It's on the house" "No I don't need you to pay for cleaning or make another coffee, I just wanted to ask you something..if you don't mind?" "Sure, ask away! I don't mind since..never mind that, what's your question?" "Are you Taehyung from Bangtan?" "Yes I am, I didn't know if anyone would actually recognize me at're not a saesaeng right? I really hope not.." "No I'm just a fan and don't worry I'm not a saesaeng, I actually appreciate your voice and everything you done with with the other members to be honest" "Well I'm glad you appreciate me, but any chance do you want to hang out with just as friends, you know?" "I'm fine with that, but how would you contact me??" "Umm do you have Kakao?" "Oh yea, I'll just add you." While switching your numbers on Kakao, you noticed the time on your phone and realize you had to go. "Taehyung, I have to go now sadly, I'm sorry but you can text me anytime " you said smiling towards him, "Okay but what's your name? Before I call you Mystery Lady.." He blushed at his lameness, "It's Sae, plus it's okay but bye Taehyung" you said sadly "Bye Sae" you noticed his eyes a bit sadden... (To be continued..) Sorry, if it was bad I just hope that you guys enjoyed it, please let me know if you want a second part, even though it's a oneshot I'll still give it a second part~ nonetheless thanks for reading!!
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@Katherina2078 @JessicaFigueroa @VIPFreak2NE1 @sarahdarwish @Tamaki1618 thank you guys for reading, I'll try to update as soon as I can since I'm student but thank you for your feedback, also I hoped your coffee tastes great and for the explanation of Tae working in their was for no particular reason if I'm honest ^^''
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thanks I'm so excited I can't wait lol πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ’–
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