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Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by my Vingle birthday party!!! πŸ˜„ Today I am officially turning 24 years old. And to celebrate with you, my lovely Vingle friends, I decided to dig up a few surprises for you all! 😁
I know it's a bit backwards, but as someone who's far away from my friends and family on my birthday, I'd like to give YOU guys some gifts! :) My Vingle family has given me so much support over the past few months, and today I'd like to thank you all and celebrate that. <3
So here we go!

Revealing My Mystery Boy

Depending on how long you've been hanging around the Love & Relationship community, there's a good chance you've followed along the whole saga of me meeting, falling for, and eventually starting to date this guy who totally swept me off my feet. I've never posted a photo of us on here before, but I figured you guys (particularly @ButterflyBlu @Arellano1052 @InPlainSight and @ChriSingularis) would enjoy seeing what he looks like.
So this is me and the boy over the holidays. And that's me in heels. πŸ˜†

Introducing My Adorable Pups

Another two important little luvvies in my life are my puppies :) They live at my parents' house right now, so I miss them a lot. They're so adorable – I think you'll like them! :)
This first little guy is Popper! He's a Pomeranian and about 2 years old. Still very puppy-ish ^_^ He kind of looks like a little fox, doesn't he?
And then the little black one is Maddy! She's a maltipoo (maltese poodle mix), and about 7 years old I think. I sometimes let her sleep with me when I'm visiting home. 😁

Sharing a Favorite Cake Recipe

If I was to bake myself a cake today, I know what I'd make – a German chocolate cake from scratch! With homemade coconut pecan frosting, obviously. 😍🍰
Here's how you can make your own! :)

A Song I've Been Enjoying Lately

If you're looking for a couple fun songs to energize your day, check out a few of my recent favorites! :)
Hello B*tches – C.L.
And finally... to get us all excited for Wednesday's game of Truth or Dare, Vingle-style...

you can ask me any question you want in the comments and I'll answer it truthfully!

Except if it's like... personal details, like where I live/work, my address, my last name... lol. Y'know, #InternetSafety and whatnot XD
Oh boy, I'm excited (and kind of nervous??? hahaha) to see what you guys come up with! XD
I hope you guys enjoyed your Alli's Birthday presents from me 😊 <3 !!! And I guess I just wanna say... Thanks for making Vingle such an awesome place to hang out – you guys are what makes this my favorite place on the interwebz!!! Honestly I never thought I would find so many good friends on here... but there are so many of you with such good hearts, amazing senses of humor, and such incredible creativity. It makes me smile, every day. :) So thank you!! <3 <3 <3
You're the only person I know that would give other people gifts on her birthday <3 Happy birthday love!!!!! Hope you had super duper relaxing day & got to skype your guy!
Happy Birthday! @Allobaber! Your dogs...way too cute! And I am THRILLED that you shared a terrific photo of you and mystery man. What's his name or is that top secret? Is he on Vingle? What's his handle? Does he spy on you on here? I lknow it's your birthday and all, and we should be the ones to give you a birthday cake, but that German Chocolate cake you posted...WOW! make it, bake it and ship it to me. @Butterflyblu and I live close enough, we will indulge on a couple slices you mail us!
A very Happy Birthday @AlloBaber! You both are Awesome! He literally must have swept you off your feet, considering his height!! 😜 Kidding aside, Have a wonderful celebration πŸŽ‰ and do put birthday pics! (if you want) like u blowing the candles n stuff!!
@AlloBaber happy berfday πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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