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{DD} Championship Winner

Hey Vingle Nakama!!

So for one, our Decision December tourney has finally come to a close.... halfway through January. I apologize for not getting the championship announcement up earlier! I suck.
That being said, without further ado, I present the winner of the Decision December tourney, and thereby the Champion of the Anime Community....

Hatake Kakashi.

Having risen all the way through the ranks, through three rounds of vs matches against the heroes and villains of anime, Kakashi finally takes the cake with his win over runner-up Sakata Gintoki.
Kakashi won in a terse match of somewhat lewd fighting men.
We now stand him atop the pedestal of champion for the anime community! Huzzah to Kakashi, champion!!!
If you missed out on any of the action that led to this result, you can find all the {DD} cards in @tbell2's collection right here.
Thank you to everyone for your votes and to @tbell2 @daigakusei @madandrea @tylerdurso @kirik @danse for all of their help in coordinating this whole event! Look forward to more potential tourneys in the future!
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wooh... killrr
2 years ago·Reply
It's the all mighty Pickle-oh his power level is over Delicious
2 years ago·Reply
At least he's stronger than Yamcha
2 years ago·Reply
well, turns out I missed a few of them.. but not overly dissipointed with how it turned out. Always been a Kakashi fan but I do think things could have turned out differently if the match ups were switched up a bit. :p
2 years ago·Reply
That's my babe! ^_−☆
2 years ago·Reply