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I just wanted to say thanks to all the great people who are following me and my collections! I'm pretty new here and I didn't know how far I was gonna go, but thanks to you all, I have things to look forward to seeing when I get home! Especially you @sasunaru68 !! You and I have a lot in common and I hope we can be friends!!❤️
Also a special thanks to @tbell2 @NikolasSatterwh for getting the word out about my challenge (My Top 8 Hottest Anime Guys/Girls)!! You just make a card of your top hottest anime guys/girls and tag me in it!!! Once again thanks guys, so much! It means a lot! Well, until next time!✌️😘
@hikaymm lol thanks!!😊
You're awesome :D I'm a lurker when it comes to your cards, but the challenge has been enjoyable ^-^
@emmajolie no problem! You're welcome the challenge is awesome! I got you
@EmmaJolie no problem c: I like the challenge and I had to share it c: I got you cx