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Remember GD's line account.....because I sure do
and I'm sure Seungri does too XD
THANK YOU GD♡♡♡ . . *cough* I- I mean Bad Jiyong.....don't be so sneaky lol
Do it again lol.....
😭 when's he going to be on again? I wanna talk to him too.
@KwonOfAKind I have that but never use it coz none of my friends do, so never really know how that works. thanks for your detailed answer! ❤ just tried his account but only 'Chat', 'Recommend', 'Home' are available, without any follow/add option, and only one-on-one chat is active... 😭😭 only if he will reply hahahaaa.. Maybe GD has changed the acct set up...
how does Line work? was that his one on one w u?! #jealous 😍😍
@katyng52 I wish lol, official accounts are open for the public meaning if you add them then. What ever they post in the chat everyone who's following them will get that message :P But if you message them back only they will receive that message ~(^.^)~ (He hasn't used line in awhile though, this message was from around "MichiGo" promotions.....Im sort of hoping he decides to use it again though lol) . . Line is a way to communicate with people how aren't just local but people all around the world. You can add translators to your chat for when your talking to someone who speaks another language that you don't know. (I've actually been using it to improve my korean, japanese, and french. I've even been talking to some people I've met on Vingle on their) You can call, text,send emoji's, post stickers, keep up with some of your favorite celebs, etc. and it's all pretty much free. (The only thing you pay for Is if you, yourself WANT TO BUY extra/limited edition stickers) I personally think the app is pretty cool ~(^.^)~