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tis the beginning of the end. the story has actually become longer than originally intended. I will be starting the events that I have had planed out to start the beginning of the story. just a warning the story is about to get very intense and some parts will be very graphic. I know you all love the story so much but if you can't read a chapter please don't force yourself. I'll try to keep them limited to a single chapter at a time and not drag on the graphicness into the next card so you can all enjoy the story and know what is going on even if you can't finish certain chapters. I just want to thank you all again for reading my story so diligently and I love you all. After I am done please look forward to Q&A cards so I can clear up anything. I will also be bringing more stories in the future. Again I love you all and be looking for an update tonight after work.
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I know I said I would update tonight but something happened after work and now I'm to upset to think about anything other than sleeping and hoping tomorrow will be better. I'll be okay so please don't worry. Some days are just worse than others.
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@SugaOnTop it's ok we can wait
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@SugaOnTop You know what imma say and ask, so message me when you get up
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@SugaOnTop Dude it's okay. Worry about you first. Take care & much love❤️
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I hope today is a much better day for you. We can wait until you're up for writing. Take care.
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