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>Part 1 For those who are new the stories will have two endings so everyone can enjoy ^.^ The first one will be fluff and the second will be smut. Hope you enjoy!!!!
When the two of you had left the restaurant, it was dark outside already. Nevertheless he suggested to take a walk and you agreed, wanting to spend a little more time with him.   You were walking down along the river. Neither of you said anything, you just enjoyed the presence of each other.   "Are you cold?" Jin’s soft voice broke through the silence.   You looked up at him, only to see him watching you slightly concerned. Your heart skipped a beat. You haven't even noticed that you started shivering. Looking away, you shook your head. Admittedly you were freezing, but you didn’t want to bother him. You just hoped he'd believe you and let it slip.   But when the both of you continued walking, you suddenly felt a warm hand around your upper arm, which then slid down your arm, leaving a prickling and hot trail. You sweared, you could feel your goosebumps getting worse. His hand glid over your wrist and finally found your own hand, you felt like dying. Your heart was racing and it felt like your whole insides got set on fire. Heat rose in your cheeks and since you knew, you were red as a tomato, you didn’t dare to look up. You stared to the ground, hoping your gaze could burn a hole into it and you’d just fall into it and never come out again.   “Of course you’re cold. Why are you lying to me?” he didn’t sound upset or sad, he actually sounded amused. “Let me warm you up.”   He pulled on your hand and turned you around, so you were standing right in front of him. You were surprised by his action, but you still didn’t had the courage to look at him. You just couldn’t. You knew you’d die right away.   When Jin took your other hand as well, he lifted your hands and put them together, so that your two hands were between his. You just stared down at the sight in front of you, his big and warm hands wrapped around your own little ugly ones.   How did you even end up like this? Having a date with this gorgeous and the world’s sweetest man, standing with him here like this. Why him? Why you? He could have any girl he wanted to. Still there he was, holding your hands and warming them with his heated ones, squeezing them lightly, bringing them up to his face slowly, kissing your knuckles—what?!   Your head snapped back in order to be able to look up at him – gosh he’s so tall – and stare at him with wide eyes. His lips were still on your knuckles, his breath tickling your skin. You could feel his smile before you heard his chuckle.   He pulled your hands away and pressed them against his chest. “At least that made you look at me.” he said smiling.   You probably got even redder and lowered your head again, but immediately there was a finger under your chin lifting your head up again. Now you had nowhere to turn to and stared right into Jin’s eyes, who was staring right back at you.   “No, don’t do this. Don’t look away again. Look at me. And only at me.” With each word his voice became quieter and softer and so much more intense. And he had that look, a look full of affection and sincerity.   You felt like your heart was about to stop beating, like your lungs would give up and you’d stop breathing, like that fire inside of you would burn you down.   And when he leaned forward, leaned into you, coming closer to you inch by inch, you just closed your eyes and waited for death. Because you were sure as hell it was going to happen.   Because when his full, warm and soft lips met yours, you felt like heaven. Your head went blank and couldn’t think about anything else than his lips on yours. Kissing you softly and sweetly.   He pulled away too soon. But he kept his face only a few inches away from yours. You opened your eyes again and looked into his wonderful deep dark orbs.   "I like you. Do you know how much I like you?" he asked almost painfully sweetly.   But he didn’t seem to expect an answer to that, because one second later, his lips were on yours again, stealing another kiss. This time it was a little more intense and lasted longer and you had to push lightly against his chest, so he pulled away and you could breathe again.   You hid your face in his chest, because the next words you were going to say were too embarrassing for you.   "I like you, too. Really. A lot" you admitted with a weak voice and then you felt two strong arms wrap around your body and surround you by warmth and love. <3


“Shall we go?” He cocked a cheeky eyebrow at you, cheesily taking your hand and leading you out the door. It had taken you about 20 minutes to actually get into your dress. That was, carefully pulling the expensive and delicate fabric over your head, then lacing the back which took forever and also caused you a lot of pain. Getting out of the dress however, was a very different story. “Jin…” His name left your lips in a whimper, his own lips pressed harshly against your jaw. Your group of friends had decided that staying overnight in a hotel would be better than going home for the night. Of course the boys only had one motive behind this. Jin had managed to get the dress off you in a matter of a few minutes. The expensive dress now draped over the chair in the corner of the room, completely forgotten. Jin’s hands travelled from your face, down your neck and down to your hips- not forgetting to brush your chest of course. Another whimper left your lips and he pulled away. Your eyes instantly taking in his reddened lips and the way he pulled his bottom one between his teeth. He gave you a quick kiss before his hands took hold of your thighs, pulling you up his body. Instantly your legs wrapped around his waist, your arms over his shoulders in his hair. You roughly ran your hands through his soft locks, tugging on them slightly. A sound similar to a growl left his throat and within seconds he had you up against the wall, his lips marking your neck again. “Jin please…” He stopped, all his movements, before pulling back and looking you in the eye, “You sure?” You didn’t open your mouth, because you knew the only sound that would be leaving it would be a moan, just from him looking at you like that. Instead, you tugged on his hair again, pressing your own lips to his neck marking him as yours. You’d managed to rid him of his shirt and pants by the time he had you pinned under him, on the king sized bed in the center of your room. His hands slipped round your back, unclipping your strapless bra that, really, was hardly in place at all once the dress was off. As soon as your bra was gone, his hands slipped down your sides and into your panties. You couldn’t contain the moan that left your lips once you felt his growing excitement pressed against your thigh. You were so distracted by that, you literally gasp once you felt his fingers brush your entrance. “Excited?” His voice was husky and dangerous. If you didn’t actually know that it was Jin who had said it, you would have thought someone else was in the room. Your body shuddered from the movements of his fingers, just teasing you. He chuckled at your response, obviously enjoying it. He slowly started moving his hips, rolling them against your side. While he had you distracted with his unnaturally moving hips, his fingers entered you. He was gentle, and took in every little reaction you had. He watched your face, instantly knowing when he was hurting you, or when you were enjoying it. Your fingers found their way into his hair, pulling him to your face so your lips were pressed together. It was a rough kiss, desperate. You sucked on each other lips till they were swollen, tongues twirled and when it got messy your teeth clashed every now and then. A deep moan left his throat, “I can’t wait babe…” He groaned quietly into your ear. Before you had time to register what was happening, your panties were gone, as were his boxers and his large body was hovering over your own. “You ready?” You nodded, too out of breath from your last kiss to answer him. His hips slowly moved into yours and the feeling was weird. Painful, yet not. The pain would spike, and he knew by the looks on your face. He would slow his movements, lean down and cover your face with kisses. His lips met yours and that’s where they stayed, muffling your moans and cries until you were used to him. His mouth left yours but he stayed so close, your breaths mingling together between you. Neither of you spoke, the only sounds were the panting coming from the two of you. You moved your hips upwards and Jin’s eyes flicked from your lips to your own orbs. He stared at you, making sure you were definitely okay before he finally moved. Jin was amazing. He was kind and gentle and he worshiped every part of your body. He made sure that his lips had marked your everywhere, and that his hands had caressed every inch of you. His head dropped to your neck, where he nuzzled into you. He was making the most amazing sounds. His moans were deep and throaty, but every now and then his voice would crack and you lost it every time, your own moans filling the room loudly. When he was close, his movements quickened, his hips snapped into your own, his hands left your sides to firmly hold the bed head. Because he knew his hold would be too hard on you and hurting you was something he didn’t want. You both reached your end, his lips on your neck but not stopping the loud, deep moans and the calling of your name over and over. Your arms were curled around him, your hands in his hair. He ended up moving to the side and collapsing, his eyes firmly shut. You thought he’d fallen asleep until his arm reached out and pulled you to his side. And that’s where you stayed all night, your bodies pressed to one another’s, fitting perfectly together. <3
OMO!!!!! Jin my baby my love lol ❤❤❤ You guys have no idea how much I was squealing when writing this xD

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@thePinkPrincess let me just tell you that your work is beutiful and you should defenatly keep doing this
my heart!!!
Aaaahhhh!!!!! *fangirling hardcore* love it! You're amazing thanks for the tag! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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