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8: Crow from show by rock He is just freaking perfect I mean look at him!! And if you haven't seen Show by rock!! watch it, it's amazing!
7: Kazuma from Noragami I love him his eyes are beautiful and his hair and skin color is perfect!!
6: Sasuke from Naruto I have no words every fan girl gets it.
5: Ciel Phantomhive from black butler Again no words....
4: Gray Fullbuster from Fairy tail He's just omg just awesome and hot
3: Lucifer from the devil is a part timer His eyes and his hair it's purple perfection
2: Death the kid from Soul eater You should have seen this coming. He's perfect he may not be symmetrical but man is he hot his hair and his eyes go together amazing and he's just kid. He's perfect
1: Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan Armin is just amazing I know not everyone likes him but he has been my crush for so long. He was actually my first anime crush.
Alright so that's it! Top 8 hottest anime characters!! Bye guys!!
lol notice how Sebastian isn't on there, that's because he's better than no.1 and he's higher than an honerable mention cc
armin? i have a chance in the world
i agree with this
@xxreacti0nxx yeah no he's not
cx *
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