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Breast Feeding vs. Sexy; Our Social Experiment Continues
Last week I wrote a card about breast feeding in public that you can check out here, and as I expected, people were very eager to discuss their opinions about the topic!! I was quite surprised (but very pleasantly surprised) that most people were all about breast feeding in public!!
So I was so excited when I stumbled upon a follow up video from the same people, responding to peoples criticism to breast feeding. This new video is all about the way people react to "sexy breasts" vs. a breast that is feeding a child.
Check it out below!
The "sexy" breasts are actually a lot more noticeable and out there as opposed to the women who is breast feeding and yet people still think they have the right to criticize someone and call them disgusting. The breast is clearly way to overly sexualized and everyone, including some females, feel like doing some natural, but maybe not as sexy, with breasts is a crime.
Hate to break it to you, but you are the ones who are rude and disgusting and should find somewhere else to take your hate.
Oh and side note, the excuse that the "sexy" women should also not be exposing herself so much is invalid since that is her body and absolutely none of your concern.
I'd love to hear what my social justice vinglers think about this video!!

Comment below and lets keep the convo going!!!!

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people are idiots. they're okay seeing what they wanna see. they don't wanna think about boob's as sustaining life, they wanna keep em as sex objects. booo!!!!
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breast feeding is an amazing thing. it is a hell of a lot better than bottle feeding. my mother when i was a baby refused to breast feed me and gave me a formula that caused me to have an allergic reaction that nearly killed me. breast feeding is gross? so is an imaciated baby you uneducated fuck. (directed towards "those" people). when i have children i would love for my wife to breastfeed our children. it makes the baby healthier and stronger. people who are against doing it in public can fuck off. its an act of nature. not an act of sexual release.
2 years ago·Reply
I support it! It's much more natural for the baby and the mother, and you aren't giving your child synthetic/animal milk. Me and my siblings were (my brother still is) breastfed and my mum awesome. So yeah I support breastfeeding 1000%
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I'm having a hard time believing the last 2 guys in the video are serious. I feel like they are actors. I am in full agreement with the message of the video. Honesty and integrity in journalism is more important than ever. I have also like to see those people who did object questioned, like the last two guys. Thanks for all your hard work.
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again I say I have no problem with it it's a natural thing that happens and when a baby if hungry it needs to be fed no matter where it is that you are at it's wrong that people say mean things just because they don't agree with it I like the supportive lady that sat down and talked with the breast feeding mother
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