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Last week I wrote a card about breast feeding in public that you can check out here, and as I expected, people were very eager to discuss their opinions about the topic!! I was quite surprised (but very pleasantly surprised) that most people were all about breast feeding in public!!
So I was so excited when I stumbled upon a follow up video from the same people, responding to peoples criticism to breast feeding. This new video is all about the way people react to "sexy breasts" vs. a breast that is feeding a child.
Check it out below!
The "sexy" breasts are actually a lot more noticeable and out there as opposed to the women who is breast feeding and yet people still think they have the right to criticize someone and call them disgusting. The breast is clearly way to overly sexualized and everyone, including some females, feel like doing some natural, but maybe not as sexy, with breasts is a crime.
Hate to break it to you, but you are the ones who are rude and disgusting and should find somewhere else to take your hate.
Oh and side note, the excuse that the "sexy" women should also not be exposing herself so much is invalid since that is her body and absolutely none of your concern.
I'd love to hear what my social justice vinglers think about this video!!

Comment below and lets keep the convo going!!!!

This is just ridiculous! I know for a fact I've been more exposed than that lady but I guess no one was brave enough to object. I had many older ladies comment that I was doing good for my baby. but that guy when they were side by side- I wanted to beat him. @LizArnone thanks for tagging me
i got so pissed off when the one guy was like "thats ok because iys hot but thats not because it's discusting. " that conceited jerk ! for one id like to point out that he is probably so stuoid because he wasnt breast fed lol. now let's be serious, when wemen are scene as sexaul objects there becomes double standards not between men and wemen (tho that does exist its just not what im talking about) but between the different classes of women that mostly have to do with age and realationship status,and well of course attractiveness. it seams mature, in age, married (or in a strong realationship)weman(with kids because of the topic of the vid) actaully become unattractive and adding a kid to the picture adds on to it, especially in the eyes of young single people. but boobs are still heavily sexaulized, so seeing a breast doing what it is naturally supposed to do and not being sexaulized and on top of that on a person whos realationship status and and stereotyped to be well soccer mom type (because of the baby) makes the act seam discusting, in the eyes of some. sad, bacwards but true.
@RaquelArredondo ive almost come to the conclusion that people who shove thier openions in others faces like the ones in the vid probably speak out about everything just to cause a problem because they are assholes, and if not they only speak out about inconsequential things that wont efdect thier social status i thier circle , confronting a bully is probably a bad idea for thier popularity
id also like to point out that married (or in a strong realationship)weman with small children are expected to stay at home so of course a woman like that breastfeeding in public wouldn't be excepted! people just need to change how they see things. not everything is sexaul, some things have practical uses outside of the bedroom! did i just blow your mind!? well here is another mind blowing fact, your ignorant and stereotypical way of thinking doesn’t need to be shoved in open minded peoples faces!
I hate the fact that people can think that it's disgusting. I mean, we're in the 21st century and people still complain about that. I wonder if they'll speak up with bullying. Or if they'll do the bystander effect.
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