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Have you guys watch Moorim school?
I'm like so in love with this drama and it's only been 2 episodes I'm waiting for the third one to come out
I want to but I dont like watching on going dramas because i hate waiting for episodes. So Im just gonna wait for it to be over and for now im going to watch other dramas
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Seems legit
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@Susibosshammer I'm the same way thats why I'm putting off until theres more.. its hard cause of Lee Hyun Woo
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@PrettieeEmm Thats the only reason I want to watch it! Lee hyun woo is my bae, But I don't like feeling the struggle of waiting for the next episode :c
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I just saw episode three got subbed! I'm going to wait til at least 5 are out so I can zooom through them hahah (but i've seen that hongbin is shirtless and i am all about that)
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