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(It's funny, because I read all these beautiful words and when I do, I share them with you all but I've never felt this way myself and I've yet to find someone who feels this way about me. I love hearing about everyone's experiences and how they perceive love because I have no experience of it myself.)
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Thanks again for sharing another beautiful poem @seouls. It's crazy how even if you haven't experienced something for yourself, you can feel it in words and others experience. :) then you actually experience it and you are like WOAH THAT'S WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT
@AlloBaber thank you, guys ♡ @nicolejb
@seouls Love is more than heartfelt sentiment and pretty words. It means accepting others flaws and caring anyway not trying to fix them. Its reciprocal so you should feel valued. And it's different for everyone because your values, desires, and ambitions are part of the experience. That is the short version. Beautiful poem.
So true @EasternShell!! <3_<3 Np @seouls ^_^ <3
love has no one meaning, everyone has a different understanding of the word love. love is a feeling that words can't express.