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I don't know if you have heard, but today's challenge for the week in the BTS Community is called the PLAYLIST CHALLENGE. This is an awesome way for us to find something to talk about and share music. Honestly, I'm only into Big Bang, the old EXO, Jay Park, and BTS. I LOVE these challenges cuz it helps me discover new music.


1. Pick at least 5 songs (does not have to be just BTS songs) 2. Tag the BTS support team @MadAndrea @BulletproofV @SugaOnTop @CreeTheOtaku @Vkookie47 @thePinkPrincess @amobigbang (me) 3. Pick a theme examples....Party Playlist, Bedtime Playlist, Break up Playlist, Study Playlist etc 4. Tag your amigos to spread the fun!


Ah I love this song. it's sounds so good when I blast this, since I blast all my music. He's voice is so.....#Ican't

BTS Autumn Leaves

I love this song and I heard Yoongi was over this track. Good job! This to me always all the members talent to shine through.

Youngbae Love you to death

This song is a favorite of mine and a classic.

CL Hello Bitches!

I love everything about this song! I love the fact that she used diverse dancers. But hey CL is about that life! She hates being confined in a box.

Namjoon Expensive girl, Monster, and Do you

These sings are for the grown. I love Namjoon's voice and his rap skills.

EXO Wolf

Good playlist!!
i like do u by RM.. so catchy