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I don't know if you have heard, but today's challenge for the week in the BTS Community is called the PLAYLIST CHALLENGE. This is an awesome way for us to find something to talk about and share music.. Directions 1. Pick at least 5 songs (does not have to be just BTS songs) 2. Tag the BTS support team....3. Pick a theme examples....Party Playlist, Bedtime Playlist, Break up Playlist, Study Playlist etc 4. Tag your amigos to spread the fun!
Uniq-Eoeo. This is so catchy the lyrics are a bit sexual..ik.. but its in Korean so who cares..
BTS- Crowtit/try hard (Baepsae) from In The Mood for love pt2. soo good its the one before the feel bad ass while gaming with this feel like a gangster lol..
BTS- Heungtan Sonyeondan. this is also catchy and its just a really good song to listen to while gaming.
Vixx- Chained up this song is catchy and you can sing the chorus sorta.. i just go.." dada dada nana na na. nanananananananana. nananana nana gwenchana. na nana nana chained up chained up..." ik.. im such a great singer...
Romeo - Target. This Rookie group got a catchy song which was co written by Eric Nam.. so its bount to be good... and the chorus is easy to sing/learn..."freeze and put your hands up. baby. Tagugate ni gogea esso bakseat baby. nareulsaya trulke.." close enough.. im not Korean so...
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Ill try to do this sometime this week
nice but u didn't tag the support team. I'm glad I found it though! Asome choices!
awesome....forgive my spell check
@amobigbang oh lol i just use the same tags for every post.. i cant remember anyones names lol
@kpopdeluxegirl lol no problem