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My girlfriends were never like this once when they play video games with me
that moment when you realize you're almost dead but you think u have a chance because u this close👌 and then the boss regain all his god danm health yeah thanks a lot videogame
Exactly why would people be so hung up on it since it's a button mashing game in the first place lol
@TracyLynnn Tekken is one of my favorite fighting games I've never lost to any of my friends on it they'd get pissed of because they thought I was cheating lol
Oh there are some like this, it's just as sad as it is to say there is more barbie gamers then gamer girls. Though, I can surely say that I am no barbie gamer, you just have to look hard enough, friend.
I rage alot in video games I'm bad at that usually makes girls laugh like super Mario maker
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