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So theres this Korean variety show called "King of Masked Singer" basically is idols that hide their identities with masks and undercover names and they sometimes even change their voices so people cant identify them easily they try not to let the judges find out who it is. They go against other idols too and if they lose the round they are in they have to reveal their true identity.
So there was this one contestant the I found that sang so beautiful she had a really nice voice. The judges taught she was a vocal in a famous girl group even I taught that lol the contestas name was "The beauty Uhwoodong" all the male judges loved her a she gained a lot of male fans. Here she is singing!
She went against another contestant and well lost even thought she did incredible! So she had to reveal her true identity! When she revealed every one was shocked so bad even me I was like "NO DAMN WAY!!! WTF REALLY!!!" Lol so here she is revealing herself! Uhwoodong true identity is SUNYOOL of UP10TION!!!!
I was like OMG he has true damn talent!!!! He even apologized to the male judges lol and the male fans he gained cause he made them fall in love with him as Uhwoodong lol
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who thinks she looks like killua mom from hunterxhunter. I probably spelled the name wrong though lol
@raenel Sunyoul is actually a boy.
@ILikeHisFace123 WHAT??? Okay now I'm even more impressed lol
Wow. I remember the first time I watched this I was like "Wow. That woman has such amazing vocals!" Then I found out it was Sunyool and I was even more amazed! How is it possible to be blessed with an amazing visual face and an amazing voice? Every woman has a good reason to be jealous of this man 馃槀
I was so shock I was like : DAFUQ WAT HUH WAT OMFG HUH TRUST ISSUES!!!!