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Hello Nakama!

First I'd like to thank @devinrohers for this awesome challenge! Time for me to name my top 5 anime! Feel free to make your own if you so choose.
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obvious spoilers ahead!

Lets Begin!

Number 5: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a beautiful anime, filled with a lot of great characters, fun story lines, intense action and emotional moments. The Fairy Tail Guild is filled with some of the craziest personalities in anime. Every battle is filled with high intense action that always keeps you on your toes. Every time they shout "we are Fairy Tail" a tear comes to my eye and I get emotional and can't help but cheer when they win.

Number 4: Yu Yu Hakusho

For many this show is very nostalgic as they watched this as a kid watching Toonami. For me I only watched a few episodes as a kid as I was to enthralled with my number 1 show (we'll get to that). I did enjoy the episodes that I saw and a couple of years ago I sat down to watch the whole thing. This is not just one of the best shows I've seen but one of the best things I've experienced. Such great characters and a story like no other. How many other shows start off with the death of the main protagonist? That Dark World Tournament is one of the best in anime. This song starts strong and gets stronger, go watch it!

Number 3: One Piece

When an anime goes over 700 episodes and is still going it has to be good right? Yes, yes it is! I love One Piece, It's really my current love and is fighting with my number 2 and 1 for their spots. Similar to Fairy Tail, One Piece has crazy characters, the story is emotional and exciting and the adventure is real! I would love to party with the Straw Hats and the adventure would be exciting. Every episode is better then the last and every adventure even more exciting. As of the writing of this I'm not even half way through the series aka the time skip but I'm looking forward to a whole new adventure in the New World!

Number 2: Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

A technical tie for second FMA and FMA:B are just a masterpiece. If I had to choose between the 2 it would have to be Brotherhood with it being much closer to the manga. I love both of these series so much and truly believe it to be the best pure story, not just in anime but in anything. So much emotion is poured into every scene; it makes you laugh, cry, shout, scream and smile (sometimes all at once). It's the anime that I recommend 100% of the time when people ask for new anime or anime in general. You can't have one series without the other so no matter what anyone tells you watch the 2003 series first, you might want a small break in between to catch your breath. I admit if not for my nostalgia goggles this would be my number 1 but nostalgia is a powerful thing and how could I not put this as my number 1!

Number 1: Dragon Ball Z

It's time to Rock the Dragon Vingle! For many of us this is the show that got us into anime. Coming home after school to turn on Toonami and watch some explosive DBZ action! For a long time this was the only anime that I watched and I watched it over and over again. My nostalgia is strong with this one (as mentioned before) don't get me wrong though, I love everything about Dragon Ball Z. It's really the Godfather of anime, with it's powerful battles super characters and iconic enemies; it's the inspiration for some of the biggest anime to date. I'm not just a fan of DBZ, I love the original Dragon Ball as well. What with it's sense of adventure, fun characters and funny dialogue it truly set the stage for what DBZ will become. Let's not forget about Dragon Ball GT; it's not great but it still holds it's place in the Dragon Ball series and has some really cool moments. With Dragon Ball Super continuing the future looks bright for Dragon Ball!

Honorable Mentions

Soul Eater
Cowboy Bebop
Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
Attack on Titan
Hellsing Ultimate
Rurouni Kenshin
@ArielaPicazo rock on! DBZ for life!
@TylerDurso Do watch guilty crown. It was really good. and the main singer (not the first op)? Best singer I've heard.
@CreeTheOtaku I think it's time for a re-watch
@CourtneyDoose it's so hard to choose. I constantly debate myself but I think this is my solid top 5
Those are all my favorite..I think DBZ will always be #1
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