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Requested by @AnnaArai!! Enjoy some V smut my friend ^.^
Tonight was date night. You had one as often as you could with your boyfriend, Taehyung. His busy schedule made it impossible to make it a regular thing but you squeezed in a date night wherever you could. You’d both decided to make it a simple one tonight. Stay at home, watch a movie…you just wanted to spend time together in the end, didn’t need anything extravagant. You’d gotten home later than you’d expected and were hurrying through the door when the delicious scent floating through the house reached you. You smiled and made your way to the kitchen. Taehyung stood in the middle of the room, looking-over an incredible diner. He turned as you walked in and and smiled brightly at you, looking adorable as usual. “It wasn’t all me” he said, “the others helped”. You couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of all those boys crowded in the kitchen trying to cook this amazing meal. “I thought we’d agreed to keep it simple tonight” you remarked. He shuffled slightly on his feet, a clear indication that he was nervous. “We had..” he said, “ but I thought the occasion required something slightly more special…” He finished, glancing down at his feet. “The occasion?” You asked, starting to get confused. It wasn’t your birthday, it wasn’t his birthday…it wasn’t any kind of anniversary…what occasion was he talking about? “We should eat!” Taehyung exclaimed suddenly, lifting his head and taking your hand to guide you to the table. Your worres over what this “occasion” was momentarily forgotten, as you ate as much as you could. After you were both done eating, you were about to make your way to the living room to watch the movie you’d picked out but he caught your hand. “Wait…"he said, as you turned to look at him curiously. You were about to ask him what was wrong when he got down on one knee. Suddenly it was like you couldn’t move, couldn’t even think clearly. "Y/N, will you marry me?” He asked, taking out a beautiful ring from his pocket and presenting it to you. “Taehyung....” You whispered, finally understanding. The romantic dinner, his weird antics.....all was because of this. You can feel the tears streaming down and you faintly nod. He wipes your tears and gets back down to slip the ring on your finger. He jumped up and grabbed you in his arms, hugging you as tight as he could. “Let’s celebrate!” He smiled brightly at you, happiness intensely etched into his features. “Wha-” you started before he picked you up in his arms bridal style. You couldn’t help but break out laughing. You were so happy right now! He brought you to the room, and laid you down on the bed, letting himself hover over your, tracing your face with his fingers softly. “I love you...I can't say it enough...” he whispered. “I love you.” you whispered back, smiling. He bent his head down and linked his lips to yours. You winded your hands through his hair as he pressed his body against yours. His mouth made its way from yours to your throat, were he laid a bunch of tiny butterfly kisses. You untangled your fingers from his hair to reach down to the hem of his shirt and pull it up over his head. His hands made their way to your jeans, fumbling with the button, trying to undo it as quickly as he could. You giggled as he chuckled against your throat, finally managing to get it undone, he moved back, to pull your pants down in a swift motion. He heaved himself onto you again, low enough to kiss your stomach under your slightly lifted shirt. He moved his head higher and higher, leaving a trail of kisses, up to the bottom of your bra. Then he moved his hands to your shirt, pushing it over your head, he unclasped your bra and took that off as well. His hands traveled along your body, making you shiver. His fingers making their way inside your panties, while his mouth attached itself on your right breast. Sucking slightly, making you moan out in pleasure. His fingers and his mouth both working magic, it wasn’t long before you found yourself in heaven. Suddenly, Taehyung reared back to remove his own pants, taking off his boxers at the same time, his hard member springing free. Removing your underwear, he took a moment to admire his future wife before positioning himself at your entrance. He entered you slowly, making sure you were alright the entire time. He thrust in slowly at first but accelerated in speed once you started moaning his name, urging him on. "V...please.." you moaned grabbing his arms as he pounded into you mercilessly. He grunted commenting on how tight you are and how he had just begun. You're moans are only encouragement for him to continue. He flips you both so you're on top and he's under you. He gives you a look. "Ride me." he orders and he can only lay his head back in pleasure as you work his member like an expert. "" he moans out as he bites his lip which only makes you grind down harder. You place your hands on his chest as you slam down repeatedly eyes rolling back at the extreme ecstasy. "V....I'm c-close..." you warn feeling the familiar heat building up in your stomach. With that he flips you two over again, his thrusts getting sloppier. You both climaxed together, his head falling onto your chest in exhaustion. A soft smile playing on his lips. “I love you” you said softly as you petted his hair. He hugged you to him, “ I love you” ….“and I can’t wait to marry you” he added kissing you softly. <3

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omg you should do a suga smut @thepinkprincess
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@Sisicup the things I could do with Suga lol. It'll be up today ;)
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