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The Hornets won the game against Utah Jazz. Surprisingly, they went to an overtime, then a double overtime which led the Hornets to win. I'm so proud of this team because they went through a lot especially with their losing streak then winning then losing again. But I think they have recovered their reputation back. Also another record breaking news is Kemba Walkers scored 52 points! 52 POINTS! Wow that's amazing and he's an amazing player. I'm like so proud of my boys while watching the game. Congrats once again Hornets! BUZZ CITY ALL THE WAY!! 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋
@alohadaine No problem!
What? Haha thanks. Definetly I'll look out for it @mchlyang
@alohadaien Haha I'm going to write a card dedicated to you when I get a chance! Make sure to look out for it in the next few hours!
It was. I had so much fun @mchlyang
Oh wow. That must have been really exciting for you! Congrats on the big W!
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