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I think that's how you spell his name ... Anyways he is my MCM because he is such a good actor and looks can be deceiving :)
how can this gentle person play such evil characters ! It amazes me how well he can pull off the psycho look and I love him for it.
Chef kwon from the sensory couple (The Girl Who Sees Smells) And his love for control and books :) I highly recommend it by the way
Nam Gyooman from Remember ( War of the son) Also highly recommended I'm still watching this one and so far it is good but be warned lots of crying!!
I loved him in Sensory Couple, he made my spine crawl...and I just started watching Remember and I couldn't place where I had seen him before and now I know, he is good at playing evil
He creeped me out in Sensory Couple but he played that role so well!
yes I loved him as ghe villain in sensory Couple...he is drop dead gorgeous of course
I totally agree with this!! He is such a handsome guy, but man, he can be soooo evil!!! :0)
@IMNII Probably? I mean he always look like he's hiding something. He's a mysterious and charming guy.
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