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Body Type: Post- torture Kaneki I don't have to be ripped or have an obvious six-pack, I just wanna be like Kaneki. Although I would prefer to keep the black hair. I would definitely wear a mask, most likely a dark demonic skull mask that only covers part of my face.
Power/ Abilities: Shinigami Death Note, Zanpakuto, teleportation, being undead/ immortal, sword and/or scythe skills, along with other death- related Shinigami powers such as summoning bones, spirits, and demons.
Setting: Tokyo, New York, and Shanghai Big cities would be where you see me the most. The more poverty, crime, and death, the more me. However, I would teleport everywhere, from place to place in the mortal world reaping souls. I wouldn't hardly be in the Shinigami realm at all. Humans are too interesting to leave alone.
Catchphrase: "Your time is up, mortal." Short, sweet, and to the point. They'll be the last words your fleshy ears will hear.
Companion: Shapeshifting Raven-girl. A raven would be an awesome companion to have! They're smart, agile, and can get you a bird's eye view of any area dark, light, or crowded. Now give a raven the ability to take on a human form, and she'd be the perfect companion. Not a pet, lover, or girlfriend (I know what you were thinking, you hentai), but a partner in reaping. She'd be able to easily scout an area on wing or on foot, without being detected by mortals. She'd have abilities with soul-reaping daggers in her human form, and her claws in raven form. Able to communicate with Shinigami and mortals alike, a link between the mundane and supernatural.
Tagging the Nakama! @NikolasSatterwh Thanks for challenging me to do this! It was fun! Any of you wanna make one of these? @superjkob @gabbycalzada @LilianaZeferino @GeneAgudo @JuanSanchez01 @MadHouseRomance @MaryRuth @shannon15 @VoidX @mymi @CosmicCassidy
@ShinigamiSan I don't think I can think of any of these. I'm not good at this stuff I'd need tons of help
OMFG I love u. ur so awesome and just like me!!😩 yaaaasssss
well I'm not a shinigami like someone I know ..>.>lol but I'll try my best @ShinigamiSan
lol I'll do this xD maybe not as all out as last time but ...I'll do it haha
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