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Owlturd webcomics are usually always on point, but this one definitely hits close to home than most. How many of you speak more than one language? Do you dream in one language or the other? Which language do you speak in?
To my knowledge, I speak English in my dreams until I'm in the company of someone in that dream who I know doesn't speak English in real life. Then I might switch things up. (Horribly, might I add. I definitely remember struggling to speak one of the languages I've studied in my sleep.)
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@BeannachtOraibh HAHAHA Have you signed in dreams before?
Not successfully, as far a I can remember! xD
only one sign I know 馃樇馃樇
@buddyesd Dun dun dunnnn...
@BeannachtOraibh Hahahaha I wonder if you'd start accidentally signing in your sleep.