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Owlturd webcomics are usually always on point, but this one definitely hits close to home than most. How many of you speak more than one language? Do you dream in one language or the other? Which language do you speak in?
To my knowledge, I speak English in my dreams until I'm in the company of someone in that dream who I know doesn't speak English in real life. Then I might switch things up. (Horribly, might I add. I definitely remember struggling to speak one of the languages I've studied in my sleep.)
@IsoldaPazo @danidee I'm fluent in Spanish, French, Korean, and Italian. The minion wanted to learn Korean, so I added that to his curriculum in the first grade. He's a quick learner and has excelled, so I'll allow him to choose another language next year (3rd grade) if he passes his exams at the end of the year and maintains fluency. He's interested in Japanese, I think. It's a lot easier to maintain fluency for us because I make him speak to people at the studio in their native languages. Haha. Evil mom... But it works. (I also speak Tsalagi, as well, but the boy is sporadic with that one.)
So very true, once upon a time when I was in 10th grade I was watching loads of anime to the point I was starting to dream in Japanese, I had talked to my French teacher at the time about and she said that typically when you dream in another language it means you're fluent in that language... all I could think is nope just nope unless I had been subconsciously fluent at that time... I'm pretty sure I just needed to slow my roll of how much anime I had been watching....
@ButterflyBlu What is minion studying? He's already fluent in Minionese!
@IsoldaPazo I'm only really fluent in English, but I studied Spanish for three years and now Korean for three years and grew up with some of my relatives speaking Arabic, so I know a few random phrases here and there. Mostly annoyed ones. Because my grandmother/mother only ever seemed to use Arabic at me when they were pissed off lol.
I speak Bahasa (Indonesia) and English. I also know little about how to write, read, and speak using Hiragana (Japan). In Indonesia, you can find regional language like Java, Sunda, Palembang, Papua, and Kalimantan. People there have their own language and almost Indonesian can speak 3-6 different languages.
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