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Summary: Payj (Page) is an American woman trying to make it out in the Kpop world. She is not only leader of her group Mix It but she is also the main choreographer, rapper, part producer, and all around mother for the group. She has no time for anything that doesn't involve her group or her music career. She can be a bit cold hearted towards the opposite sex but that doesn't stop a group of curious seniors from trying to worm their way into her already busy life. How is she to survive the hurricane that is BTS and still make sure her musical work is perfect?
“&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&... That’s it keep it up girls!” I smiled at my reflection in the large wall mirror as we came to our final pose. The girls had come so far in the last two weeks and I couldn’t have been any more impressed. The final performance was tonight and everyone was determined to preform to their best. At the same time however; we were nervous and sad that the show would be coming to an end. The ten of us had made it out of the original 24. To me, making it this far was way better than I had originally thought. After the show first played I received both a lot of love and a lot of hate. Honestly though I didn’t think much of it… I mean what is an American Girl in a South Korean world supposed to expect?
I clapped my hands and turned to face the 10 girls behind me. “Great job! We got this, just remember to count in your head and nothing can stop us.” I turned to MinMi and pointed back at the mirror. “Up for one more practice run before we go get ready for the show tonight?” MinMi and I were the main dancers and rappers in the group. We had decided that we need to give the girls a small window to change into their outfits for the second song. While they would go and change in the back we would perform a dance to Monsta X’s Hero.
The song started to play over the speakers and we both smiled at each other before we both jumped in with a few flips.
We all sat round laughing and waiting for the video to load on my laptop. The adrenaline still coursed through our veins and we couldn’t have been more excited. The performance had gone off without a hitch and we loved the feeling of giving our all to the screaming crowed. “Oh here we come!” The girls all stopped talking at once and turned to watch the performance. “I Don’t Need a Man” originally performed by miss A ended and we all laughed and agreed that we were fierce.
The happiness didn’t last too long though. “Hey Payj?” The youngest member HeeRa came and sat next to me. “Are you scared about not making it into the group?” She had asked the one question everyone had on their mind. ‘Would I make it?’ There were 10 of us but in the end it would only be a five member group.
I smiled slightly and shook my head. “I don’t know. I can say I am honestly nervous and afraid I will not be in the final group, but at the same time...” I paused and looked at the girls. “I know that if I don’t make it this time I will not stop, and that is saying something since I am the old one here.” The girls all laughed. “So don’t worry Ra this is not the end to end all ends.”
Little did I know just how much this one decision would change my entire world.
One Year Later
The practice room was dim and quiet as I tried to choreograph our first big award show. Mix It was set to perform at the award show at the end of the month and even though the song was completed I was less than happy with the choreography I had been coming up with lately. I tried to pull off a front flip and missed my landing my butt hitting the ground hard. “Damn.” I breathed and wiped the sweat from my brow. Since the show had ended and I watched the other five girls walk off the stage tears in their eyes I had seen things as bitter sweet. To top that off I was named as the leader of the group. I told MiMi that she would suit it better but she laughed and brought up the fact that she likes to play too much to try to be a responsible leader. HeeRa was the youngest and seemed to be scared by her own shadow half of the time. Though on stage she was totally confident and could perform with the best of them. CC was our main vocalist and she was too much of a follower to try and lead the group and Luna just stated she didn’t want the part. So none the less I ended up as leader.
On top of playing leader I was learning to produce music, creating the choreography for our songs and Boss Man wanted me to learn Chinese, as if I didn’t have enough languages floating around in my head. I sighed and laid down on the cool floor. It seemed that because I had made it over some of the other girls that fans expected more out of me. I was supposed to be some kind of superhuman it seemed. My phone buzzed from my discarded jacked on the chair by my radio and I just shook my head. There was no way I was going to get up and check it right this second.
The buzzing continued annoyingly and I was happy I had turned off the ringer for once. “Aren’t you usually supposed to answer your phone?” I sprang up and turned to face the shadowy figure standing by the door.
“I think they can survive without me for ten minutes.” I said to the man before pushing myself up off the floor. His tall frame filled the doorway and I wished he would either turn on the lights or step more into the practice room so I could see who he was.
“You are the leader from the rookie group Mix It…” He paused for a second. “Payj right?”
“That’s me.” I said simply and turned back to gather my things. “I’m leaving now so you can use the practice room.” Since he was not introducing himself I figured he must have been one of the other rookies who had to share the down stairs practice room. I picked up my phone and it started to ring again. I sighed.
“Well actually I didn…….”
“Hello? Yes yes yes I am coming. No need to have a cow MiMi. I don’t see why you guys can’t just make food yourselves. No I am not your mother. Ugh!” I walked pasted the man without looking at his face and pushed my way out the door as I argued with MiMi.
The man laughed after he watched me leave the room. “Well then...” He turned and left the room as well almost being run over in the hall by his group mate Taehyung.
“Hoseok Hyung! There you are.” Taehyung pointed down the hall towards their practice room. “Namjoon Hyung is looking for you.” Hoseok kept looking down the hall an amused look on his face. “Something wrong Hyung?”
“Huh? Oh nope!” Hoseok smiled and turned to walk towards the BTS practice room. Thinking that things were going to be more interesting with me around.
I know this part was not all that exciting, just a bunch of back story but the boys will make a bigger appearance from here on out. Let me know what you think and I will try to keep this updated as often as I can.
@twistedPuppy lol do that and let me know what you think. I have a couple other stories and oneshots
@twistedPuppy here is part one hun
Just started reading and really liking it so far. Can't wait to see how the story progresses :)
awwww its over.....please update soon!!! ^.^
IM EXCITED TO READ MORE :D I love it so far!!!! <3
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