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@thePinkPrincess @VIPFreak2NE1 @staceyholley @JohnEvans @mellyortiz @CrystalGuerra @QueenLele @BrendaPham @SugalessJams @MomoChamie @MonkeyLee08 @yesianaF @tiffany1922 @Kpossible4250 @ninjamidori @christianliu @reyestiny93 Comment if you want to be tagged in part 4 After all the members were done practicing you jump up happily. J-Hope looks at you and finds you cute so he jumps along with you. Taehyung is not happy about it so he shouts at that he wants to take out you and the members for dinner, His treat. Every one runs out of the room and into the Bangtan Van. " Hey Taehyung oppa Im gonna go grab my sweater!" V smiles and shoos you off. You run into the room and grab your sweater but before you leave you see Hoseok drawing a delicate face with a pair of beautiful sparkling eyes. " Who is that?" you ask politely. Hoseok blushes and he is also embarrased so he hides it from you. "Ummm... No...Nobody" you smile as you give out your hand. "Aren't you gonna join us, oppa?" he smiles and takes your hand and out you guys go. You both walk out seeing that there is absolutely no room in the van. " Aissh Im not gonna fit Im to big." Hoseok turns around and looks at you in disgust. " Never say that about yourself (Y/N) you're beautiful just the way you are, you are perfect in my eyes." You smile at him and give him a tight hug And you guys go into the van.
😊😊😊😳😳😳I'm ready jhope take me lol
Tag me please
@JessikaLuna thank you 😊
Please tag me
JessikaLuna it's OK :) and thank you!
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