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Messing around with that game Thief. I kept getting caught and I eventually did a rage quit and declared I needed to eat dinner. F U Thief... @paulisadroid @InVinsybll
one of the worst feelings ever...
I was literally just telling someone how I can't finish Outlast because of this problem. I can relate~
Besides the Dark Souls series, because I have a lot of stories from there -Fucking fat chubby trolls!!- sorry about that. Anyway I've had this happen in a lot of games but I have to say that in Far Cry 4 I kept trying to wing suit off the same cliff and for whatever reason before it prompted me to actually wing suit (I spam the button I don't actually wait for the prompt) I would keep slamming into another rock and dying. So after almost throwing my controller a few screaming fits later and maybe even a broken toe (I kicked something) I managed to say "..... Know what.... Screw that.." And just left