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Regardless Part 2 Angst: Jimin X Reader X Suga Not again Not again Not again Not again Not again. Not again It was already the 10th time this week. Besides the physical pain, your emotions are the ones who hurt the most. Never thought of hurting Jimin, never in million years, but at this moment, as Min Yoongi touched you, the only thing that kept you from crying was Jimin’s happy face. First it was on his office then his apartment and finally on your bed. You really didn’t want to it there. Sadly, your boss managed to get into your head statements like: “We had an agreement” and “you know you are done for if you dare to say no to me”. And so, after doing it several times, he finally got tired. You stood up and went to the restroom. You looked at yourself in the mirror and finally appreciated of what have become of you. A complete mess. You came out and realized that he was still in your bed smoking a cigarette, wearing his glasses, he looked at every inch of your being and you thought ,for a moment that he actually started to repent. “Damn, when you look like that I get hot all over again” You wanted to throw up so bad. “Can you just get out of my apartment?”-You asked, really hoping for him to leave and just let you cry alone. “yeah, yeah, I was leaving anyways,but....”-Yoongi, turned off his cigarette, he stood up and put on his clothes again. He never left his eyes from your, as if he was testing you. As if he wanted you to say “Stay”, but heck that wasn’t happening. The thing that wanted to come out of your mouth the most was “ I hate you” and “Just leave, already.” As he left the only thing he give you was his smile. And you hated it. The next day at the company, you quietly did your work, hoping that today, your boss would’t call you into the office. Typing as quickly as possible, as you knew that you turn for lunch was about to being. Unfortunately, your turned blue as you felt a cold hand touch your shoulder. You prayed for your life. “Hey, I need to talk to you ...”- The person stood quiet as you turned around. His eyes looking up and down to you, and suddenly he grabs your hands and makes you stand up, never letting go of your hand, the young man known as Jeon Jungkook, made you follow him to the outsides of the company, just to end up in a small cafe. You didn’t protest, after all he was one of your seven bosses and just like the saying goes, “Say no to your boss, and you are done for”. ~ ~ ~ “umm, sir, not to be rude, but why did you drag me here?”-You asked your boss, Jungkook , as his eyes never leave yours. “Because I need you...”- Jungkook looked at your shocked response and then he followed, “I need your help... I need you to destroy my brother Min Yoogin” “What are you talking about?”-You questioned him. “Look, I know he has being forcing you to have sex with him... I can see by the way you look, I have seen it before with other women... “-Jeon explained. “Why would I help you destroy your own brother?”-You tried to sound calm, but you knew that by now, you would make him that favor. “Yes he is my brother, but I want the company for myself. At first, my older brothers wanted us to share the company just like they did, but knowing us, we would never be able to do the same. Since I am younger, Yoogin will be inheriting the company, and I will be launched back at law school”- Jungkook looked at your response, which was only filled with surprise. “Of course I am not asking you to do this for free...even though, by now you should be willing to do it ...anyways, if you do it, I will give you 20% of the company’s gainings, which of course would be more than sufficient for you and your husband. Also, your husband will be named vice-president of the company and you by his side...”- Jungkook knew that he had impressed you by his offering. “What do I have to do?”- You asked as you looked at Jeon. At this you smiled. “Three months from today, by older brothers would be back from Los Angeles to check the company...by then, Min Yoongi needs to be heads over heals in love with you, and one day before they come, you need to break up with him...”-Jeon said, he suddenly saw your reaction in which he added the following. “Don’t worry, you will be under my protection, nothing bad is going to happen to you or your husband, I promise....”-Jungkook looked at you waiting for a response. “I will do it..”- You said smiling, just the thought of breaking Min Yoogin made you jump with joy. “Very well then,.. oh and here...”- As Jungkook stood up to leave, he pulled something out of his pocket’s suit and placed it on the table along with some money. He knew...those pills. “ I made some research about your illness...your medication and therapy at the hospital is more expensive than I thought...Take care..I will talk to you later.”-And with that Jeon Jungkook left you alone. ~ ~ ~ *Knock, knock* Who could be at this hour? You thought as you stood up from your bed, you looked at the clock next to you and it read “3:00 AM”. *KNOCK, KNOCK* You hurried up to the living room, and then open the door. and of course Yoogin was standing there, and without notice he entered the room and closed the door behind him, making you flinch in terror. “I saw you with Jeon today at the cafe”-Yoogin made his way towards you and suddenly he carried you towards your bed, he throws you to the bed in which he had forced you on it already too many times. “I will say this only once..”-He began as he removes his necktie and untied his pants. “You are mine ... and mine only” And so, the passionate night began. But this time, it was different... you followed him. You wanted to do it. You did it for yourself You did it for Jimin and you did it to destroy Min Yoogin. Without realizing, Min Yoogin enjoyed this night way more than others. For a strange reason, he really liked having you in his arms and quietly watching you sleep while you tightly had your hands around him. He, really, really liked it. to be continued. ... Tagging amazing people!!! @yaya12 @mariadelzam @MelissaGarza @clstap1 @MomoChamie @ParkMinRin13 @MsLoyalHeart @Reyestiny93 @FalseLove @OliviaZenger @VIPFreak2NE1 @QueenLee @Cassierchiqua @Kpossible4250 @Eliortiz13 @SusiBosshammer @megancurrent9 @KaeliShearer @SarahVanDorn @jessicaheung97 @Ashey052498 @sarahdarwish @VeronicaArtino @ChelestiEdwards did you guys like it? do you want me to add anything ?
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