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so you all know b1a4 right? >...< ok sooo... who cannot wait for their mini album!!!? i know i can't. four days left!!!! ( ok so for the next one, you have to look at the pictures to understand) #1 : b1a4 mini album is coming out may 6th ( that's not the picture for the mini album tough) #2 : me fangirling " OMG!!! NOO WAY!!! OMG OMG!!" #3 : my friends looking at me " are you serious?" #4 : me " you.. don't.. even knowwww how much i love them" #5 : me " b1a4 let me love you forever".. my friends start saying how much i am crazy blah blah blah #6 : me " i don't even care what you say about meeee >.< "
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