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Get To Know Me (Answers)
thanks to everyone that participated :) here's a bit more about me...

#3- Age

(requested by @CreeTheOtaku) --- I am currently 15 (but I can pass as a little kid anywhere lol)

#16- Fav song

(requested by @Starbell808) --- my fav song is Canon by Johann Pachelbel :) (and when BTS played it on Piano Tiles, I dieddd)

#17- Fav animal

(requested by @destiny1419) --- my fav animal is a tie between horses (lol J-Hope) and pandas (Tao keke)

#18- Fav subject in school

(requested by @jojojordy2324) --- math ^-^ (aka geometry)

#19- Fav sport

(requested by @jojojordy2324) --- uhm...I don't like sports XD but if I had to choose, I would say football

#20- One wish

(requested by @jojojordy2324) --- my biggest wish is always gonna be world peace ✌

#21- Best time of your life

(requested by @punkpandabear) --- when I listened to my first kpop song

#31- Biggest fear

(requested by @jenjenkhreim) --- a tie between spiders and being late to my classes at school (fun fact: I've had so many nightmares about being late to class)

#32- Something you hate

(requested by @OliviaZenger and @reyestiny93) --- I hate when people make fun of the music I listen to (kpop) just because they speak/sing Korean -_-

#37- Fav thing about yourself

(requested by @clstap1 and @Ercurrent) --- ~Personality wise: my kindness ~Body wise: my eyes

#42- Worst habit

(requested by @jessicaacosta90 and @BabySheep) --- I honestly haven't thought about this...but I would say my worst habit is making weird faces

#45- OTP

(requested by @Ercurrent) --- my OTP is definitely VHope

#46- First fandom

(requested by @SunnyV) --- my very first fandom was with SuJu (as an ELF)
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@jenjenkhreim well at least one person agrees with me :D no one I know would wish for anything like that
2 years ago·Reply
we have alot in common
2 years ago·Reply
exactly! like imagine if the world could actually be at peace? it would be the greatest thing ever
2 years ago·Reply
@4dalientae listening to my first kpop song is one of my best moments too.
2 years ago·Reply