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So it has taken me awhile to get the time to actually do this card. I have been busy the past few days and a couple of videos I wanted to share in this card, I forgot to upload on YouTube which I just did. So as promised I'm going to share a bit of my experience with our Kings. I hope you guys are ready for this.
So first I want to share this awesome poster that my daughter and her best friend did. I can't draw. No, I wasn't given the artistic skills in my family. But I can sing so its cool. Let me give a quick background before I really get into it. Most parents I have come across were introduce to Kpop by their kids. Well, its the opposite for us. I got my daughter into it because I've been a Kpop junkie for the last 11 years. So she was 4 years old when Kpop became apart of our lives. Just wanted to point that out. Its not many of us type of Kpop parents but we do exist. Ok let's get back to Big Bang.
The shirts were done by all three of us. I came up with the concept of spelling MADE out on the shirts. I wish we were able to have gotten a picture of it spelled not facing the mirror but i guess its still ok. The girls thought to put their names and pic on the back. They weren't happy at first with me choosing the color yellow but it worked out well. I had already ordered our headbands which are yellow. The color of 'E' in the series is yellow so it made perfect sense to me. It took us forever to make these shirts, up until the last minute. We messed up....alot. Lol, and had to cover up so many imperfections but they still ended up being a huge hit with everyone. I wish Big Bang would have gotten a chance to see us.
So here we all are again. Taking pictures, being silly killing time before we embark on the most surreal event of our lives.
Around 5:10 pm this was taken outside the Prudential Center. We waited roughly about 2 hours in line. But man did we have fun. People kept coming up to us asking to take pictures of us and our posters. There was even a Big Bang Flash mob there who kept taking pictures of us. We became mini celebrities in line and didn't even know it.
This was the place before the concert started.
And this was it once everything went down. VIPs were beautiful to see that night.
Now this video is important to me because these two girls are my favorite teenagers. They work hard in school and we all had a rocky 2015. This concert was just what we needed. So to hear the screams coming from them brought tremendous joy to my soul. Forgive the quality as my daughter was recording and just couldn't keep it together at some points.
Here is what everyone has been waiting for. Our Kings.
And a couple short videos. The mouth you hear mostly on these two is my daughter best friend; my daughter from another mother. lol
So that is a little bit of what happened. I honestly couldn't believe I was in the same room with them. It was the best kpop experience I've had and the fact that they are my ultimate bias group made it all worthwhile. They will never know or understand how much I truly do love each one of them.
A week after the concert, I stumbled across this. We were shown 3 times. Pretty cool, huh??
So as I mentioned earlier I had been busy. Well I was getting stuff in order for our trip once again up North. We are here in New Jersey to see Infinite in New York tomorrow. We saw them in 2013 for their first world tour so I promised the girls that if they came back this way we would see them. So here we are. Hey guys thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed. Now I have got to get some sleep.
@ashxloren @lilbr0wneyes @jemitza @lovetopia @helixx @susibosshammer @jiyongixoxo Thank you all for your comments. I'm gonna try to take pictures of Infinite tonight and I will do a card about them as well. Maybe I should do a card with the 2013 concert also. Hmmm.....
Glad you had an amazing time! I went to the show in jersey too on Sunday and it was seriously the best night of my life!
aw thank you. yea it was pretty amazing. and i always say the more the merrier, so if there is ever another Big Bang, group or solo, i would love to meet up with other VIPs. @catchyacrayon
@LateashaChantae I am going to make a card on my infinite LA experince but I dont have time. So as soon i have time im going to post it 😊
@LateashaChantae please do I would love to see it
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