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Weapons Powers Kratos possesses incredible superhuman strength and endurance beyond that of any mortal or beast, the exact limits of which are yet to be determined. His strength seems to fluctuate depending on the situation. He can subdue many large and powerful beasts and is capable of overpowering the [[Hydra]], throwing the [[Colossus of Rhodes]] after it attempted to crush him beneath its foot, and preventing both [[Cronos]] and [[Atlas]] from crushing him. Feats of durability include falling from great heights and walking away unharmed, getting crushed, stabbed, beaten, blasted, and burned by various enemies and traps. Kratos also has useful skills that include climbing mountain and building, jumping with great heights, and swinging to another side.  In his battle against [[Hercules]], who is considered to be unrivaled in terms of sheer strength, Kratos proved capable of stopping his charges, forcing him backwards and enduring his powerful bear hugs without any ill effects, even breaking free from them and defeating him. Kratos also possessed the power to kill [[Zeus|immortal gods]]. When Kratos loses in battle or war and is killed, he simply escapes the Underworld to Earth. Kratos can change his fate by manipulating or traveling in time.  Kratos ripped off [[Helios|Helios']] head and ripped [[Undead Legionnaire]]s, infected humans, monsters, and magical beings in half, using only his bare hands. It is presumed Kratos was born with his god-like strength and abilities due to being Zeus' demigod son. He might also be partially immortal and may have gotten stronger when he absorbed powers from gods. Kratos' form when he became God of War after killing Ares, Kratos stood roughly 500 or more feet tall, and possessed all powers of a God of War. It is possible he had acquired all the abilities of the other [[Gods]] (including sister of fate) and magical beings. In addition to his vast physical strength, Kratos also possesses superhuman agility, stamina, durability, endurance, reflexes and speed. He is capable of sensing danger and possesses great skills and accuracy with all forms of [[Kratos' Equipment|weapon and powerful magic]]. Kratos can also keep up with opponents who possess vast speed, such as [[Zeus]] who has the speed of lighting, Charon, [[Hermes]], and Pollux and Castor who possessed Chronokinesis. He is also able to regenerate from most wounds at a fast rate, though he didn't regenerate from the scar on his stomach caused by the [[Blade of Olympus]] and the scar over his right eye caused by [[Ares]] for reasons unknown (maybe he can't fully regenerate himself from scars caused by gods' power). Due to these abilities, Kratos is able to defeat monsters, magical beings, titans and even the Gods themselves. Kratos also possesses powerful resistance to most forms of attack and magic (ex: time manipulation, illusion, and soul manipulation) that would easily kill most humans or magical beings. Before serving Ares, Kratos' main weapon was his [[Sword of Valor|sword]]. Under Ares' rule, Kratos' main weapons became the [[Blades of Chaos]], a gift from Ares as a sign of his servitude. They are essentially two Falchion-like blades on long chains, permanently fused and seared to the wielder's forearms. Once Kratos killed Ares, [[Athena]] replaced them with a nearly identical pair of blades called the [[Blades of Athena]], and then replaces them again in [[God of War III]] with the very similar [[Blades of Exile]]. Kratos displays proficiency with all of his weapons. It's implied that he learned many of his fighting skills from Ares and other gods, the former God of War himself. Initially, Kratos also had a massive [[Kratos' Army|Spartan army]] under his command, used both before and during his servitude under Ares. Kratos, before and after becoming a God, gained many powers and weapons from the Gods. When he relinquished his old powers to the [[Blade of Olympus]], he was given new powers by the [[Titans]]. Some of these powers resemble the abilities given to him by the Gods. The Blade of Olympus is one of Kratos' greatest weapons, as he has infused all of his godly [[Powers|power]] into it. Although often defined by his brute strength, he also has a wisdom almost matching the goddess [[Athena]] as he managed to solve many puzzle throughout his journey, many of them create by famous architects like [[Archimedes]], [[Daedalus]] or [[Pathos Verdes III]] as such he not only survived all the traps and creatures within but he also become the only one to break those challenges. He also managed to solve the [[Olympus' Garden]] puzzle which even [[Hera]] hadn't believed he could. Interestingly enough, Kratos, when he had godly power that can make him into a giant, such as when he fought in Rhodes, and similar to his empowerment against Ares, he seemed to prefer to use his normal mortal size to battle many powerful creatures and gods. Kratos also was wise enough to use the environment against his enemies, like using the bridge mechanic to kill a [[Kraken]] or using [[Gaia|Gaia's]] heart to restore his health. The most notable event that proves his wisdom is when he manage to break out of [[Aegaeon the Hekantonkheires]] prison by using [[Megaera|Megaera's]] anger toward him.
Abilities Despite Pit being a flightless angel, he is still a skilled and versatile fighter. He originally started out as an archer that mainly specialized in using the Bow, but over the years he has become more experienced with using various weapons like the Blade, Claws, Cannon, etc. He also has a very high level of durability as his Body was capable of taking Magnus' powerful blows and attacks. Pit has also mentioned at times that he would "spend his adventures getting shot at," so it's possible that he can endure the effects on powerful weapons that even he would use in his missions. Pit also has good resistance to fire, as he has been held by Pyrrhon with his body retaining a normal condition while his wings started to burn up in Chapters 17 and 21. It's also shown against the Reapers and Thanatos (who are capable of easily granting death to any being) that Pit is capable of taking on their attacks without instant death. Also as the Captain of Palutena's Guard, he has very good leadership skills. Despite Pit's extreme dependence and trust in Palutena, he's capable of coming up with ideas and strategies on his own, as shown from battling Hades' Heart (despite the fact that he acted out Palutena's voice) or when battling Pseudo-Palutena when the real Palutena was asleep.