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so sorry guys that this card was so late my internet was out the other day and ive been lazy..

ok so the vote was cast and Baligan had the least amount of votes so hes officially out!

of course since Grimmjow and Ulquiorra are still available they'er my votes!!!!

At this point and time im only allowing you guys to pick 2 of your favorites!!If you vote for more than 2 i will pick 2 from those votes!

anyone who votes on this card (post in comments) will be tagged in the next vote!!!!! if you do not wish to be tagged in the next vote please tell me and i will take your name off....

(if you want to be un- tagged just tell me and ill take you off) sorry some people might be tagged twice:

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remember when i put that the vote is officially over then that means that if you vote after that i will delete your comment! so please if you want to be evolved but the vote is over then just message me! Also for those who participated in the akatsuki vote and liked the topic but don't like this topic but still want to be evolved in the next vote then just message me and ill tag you in the next upcoming vote! i also made a collection for this vote so feel free to follow to keep up with this little game!!!
Stark and Grimmjow lol
You're all wrong! Stark and Hallibel
sorry guys that this post is late and the next one will be also.... ive had a tragic family accident and have had hardly no time to edit the pictures and count the votes as well as creating the post, i am truly sorry, hopefully this will be over and i will return to my normal posting next week... i am really sorry..
Ulquiorra and stark
grimmjow and ulquiorra
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