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Hey guys!

So, we learned about age this week, but now its time to put it to the test!

(check out the age card HERE!)

나는 23살 이에요!

And I your:

언니 - Older sister (if you're a girl)
누나 - Older sister (if you're a boy)
친구 - Friend (we're the same age!)
동생 - Little sister (if you're a boy or girl)

Leave your answers in the comments!

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@XergaB20 do you use textbooks? when I used textbooks, I tried doing one chapter a week, reading the full chapter one day and practicing every weekday, and that seemed to work well for me. I also watched a lot of Korean tv shows for listening practice. I recently got my best friend into Korean dramas, and now she wants to learn Korean, so I will probably be relearning it very soon. But pacing is key. I actually quit learning because I got really discouraged when it grew difficult. But my new years resolution is to get better at Korean and Japanese. So here's to us both learning!!
언니 안녕하세요
친고! 안녕👋
you my 언니 !!! 안녕하세요 언니 !!! 😃
eon -ni 😂✨✨💕