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Am I Your 언니?
Hey guys!

So, we learned about age this week, but now its time to put it to the test!

(check out the age card HERE!)

나는 23살 이에요!

And I your:

언니 - Older sister (if you're a girl)
누나 - Older sister (if you're a boy)
친구 - Friend (we're the same age!)
동생 - Little sister (if you're a boy or girl)

Leave your answers in the comments!

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@XergaB20 do you use textbooks? when I used textbooks, I tried doing one chapter a week, reading the full chapter one day and practicing every weekday, and that seemed to work well for me. I also watched a lot of Korean tv shows for listening practice. I recently got my best friend into Korean dramas, and now she wants to learn Korean, so I will probably be relearning it very soon. But pacing is key. I actually quit learning because I got really discouraged when it grew difficult. But my new years resolution is to get better at Korean and Japanese. So here's to us both learning!!
2 years ago·Reply
언니 안녕하세요
2 years ago·Reply
친고! 안녕👋
2 years ago·Reply
you my 언니 !!! 안녕하세요 언니 !!! 😃
2 years ago·Reply
eon -ni 😂✨✨💕
2 years ago·Reply