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There are probably hundreds of cards already out there about this but....since I just FINALLY sat down (where wifi is free) and watched the performances.....AND WOW THESE WERE AMAZING!!!!! Every group just was on their game and killing it out there (I tried to watch all of them but it didn't work out so well because I kind of don't need another group to stan....for now) But the ones I did.....AMAZING!
Vixx was oh my shesus....those open loose shirts were killing me 0~0 I did see the fancam of V fanboying over them and it was quite funny!
Then I saw EXID hot beautiful girls shined out there ESPECIALLY hyerin aww she's usually cute but this time she was(is) sexy as the other members Hani didnt look so good...I heard something happened I think it was about Junsu??!?!
Sistar and Monsta X!! Much love between these two groups....I dont passionately listen to sistar but I do know all their names and the songs I have heard are pretty catchy.... BUT MONSTA X SLAYED!!! Even with my poor Changkyun still recovering they were amazing and full of energy!! Wonhoe I see you wearing kills me! The boys were so cool and it was....ahh no words
Then I saw...Red Velvet and G-friend.....hmmmm...... They did great but as I only heard of them by way of other idols I dont know what to think of them..... In RV I only know Joy and it was cool seeing her perform....but their song was stuck in my head
Well.....THE TIME HAS COME... BANGTAN SONYENDAN!!!!! They were on fire and were performing with so much energy it just Bts.....if you know what I mean..... This break of theirs is really helping....they didnt look as tired and Yoongi was ENERGY BOY! But Jimin was *crazy spazzing* his vocals man....they were amazing and he sounded sooo different but I loved it....heh The fan chants in the bg were crazy and I wished I was there because it looked like fun!!!!
Bonus: I watched Sunyoul's performance on mask king (is that how you say it I cant remember) I was surprised even knowing it was Sun has vocals that killed me!!!! This boy is going to go veryyyy far
Yeees BTS slaaayed!!!
I can't wait for the whole thing to be uploaded to YouTube.
hani and junsu are dating
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